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Richard G. Trefry Archives Exhibits

American Public University System’s Richard G. Trefry Archives contain documents and items that represent the history, development, and progress of the institution as its recorded memory.

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GAO Report that investiages the events leading to a fratricide incident during the Persian Guf War, assess the adequacy of U.S. Army investigations following the incident, and looks at the allegations that Army officials hindered those investigations…

GAO Report that provides a detailed discussion concerning February 17, 1991 "friendly fire" incident during the Persian Gulf War that involved three U.S. Army AH-64 Apache helicopters and two U.S. ground vehicles from the 1st Infantry Division.

GAO Report that addresses the use and performance of aircraft, munitions, and missiles employed during the air campaign, the validity of DoD and manufacturer claims about weapon systems' performance, particularly those systems utilizing advanced…

GAO report that provides a bibliography that summarizes 72 unclassified reports and testimonies the GAO issued concerning the Persian Gulf War.

GAO Report that investigates the casualties of U.S. military personnel by U.S. submunitions that looked into dud rates of certain submunitions, knowledge of dangers surrounding of unexploded submunitions, and planned improvements to reduce friendly…

GAO Report that investigates whether U.S. soldiers were exposed to depleted uranium (DU) during the Persian Gulf War, what extent the Army provided guidance and training in proper handling of DU, how extensively the Army had medically evaluated…

GAO Report that reviews active Army brigades that replaced National Guard's combat roundout brigades for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

GAO Report that reviews the Department of Defense's controls over the return of materiels from overseas theaters that addresses the controls over materiel being returned from Southeast Asia.

GAO Report that focuses on training of U.S. ground combat forces in preparing for Operation Desert Storm with the aim towards peacetime training and minimizing skill decay and maintaining proficiency and readiness.

GAO Report that reviews the Army's effectiveness in deploying medical units in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Provides a detailed discussion of the problems that the Army encountered in mobilizing, deploying, and supporting medical…
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