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Richard G. Trefry Archives Exhibits

American Public University System’s Richard G. Trefry Archives contain documents and items that represent the history, development, and progress of the institution as its recorded memory.

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WG.2022.001.013_A Simplified War Game_Swift_1897.pdf

WG.2022.001.012_War Chess_Richardson_1866.pdf

WG.2022.001.011_Review of a Battalion_Smirke_1799.pdf

WG.2022.001.008_Beitrag zum Kriegsspiel_Vernois_1876.pdf

WG.2022.001.007_Anleitung zur Darstellung_1846.pdf

WG.2022.001.006_Taktisches Kriegs-Spiel_Reiswitz_1812.pdf

WG.2022.001.005_Strategos Vo. II_Totten_1880.pdf

WG.2022.001.004_Strategos Vol. I_Totten_1880.pdf

WG.2022.001.003_Rules for the Conduct_Barring_1896.pdf

WG.2022.001.002_American Kriegsspiel Tables and Plates_Livermore_1882.pdf
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